Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The "I AM SEAN BELL" T-Shirt Project

Though I do not want to disclose my name, that is me in the blue shirt, and yes i was caught off guard. The whole thing was uplifting and felt like a load as been release from my back because i was opposed on the verdict when i heard it, and never thought of in anyway to protest it and to my suprise, many people in my class disagreed with the verdict too. Though we didnt attract attention from any out side audiences like many people though we were going to attract, on the school only level, i think were very sucessful.

Whats up? My name is Franklin and I am a 9th grade student at Faching History School. Yup, thats me in the orange shirt!
When I wore the shirt I felt good. The experience was really fun and I felt strong and brave. The point was to show respect to the family of Sean Bell and to raise awareness to the injustice that happened in his case and situation. The thing that was most successful was that I got through the day feeling good and powerful. I used my voice without saying anything.

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Deborah said...

Even though you did not give your name, your have a position, you did wear the shirt, you did take a stand to protest the verdict.

Franklin, good to see a different, mature point of view. It was nice to see you taking a position on such an important issue